The Institute for Postgraduate Studies at the University for National and World Economy has almost 50 years of experience and traditions. The Institute is certified under ISO 9001:2008 with a Quality management system certificate covering postgraduate studies and project management.
The Institute operates as a division at the University for National and World Economy for postgraduate training, vocational qualification, specialization and life-long learning of Bulgarian and foreign citizens who have already acquired diploma for high and/or higher education. IPS at UNWE is a leader in postgraduate studies in the areas of business, management and law and offers training services according to European standards. Its qualification diploma is recognized and approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. IPS works with top and middle level managers in private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, public administration officers, experts who strive for professional careers in different social sectors as well as individual trainees. IPS builds a stable basis for life-long career for its course participants and solves problems of its customers in an uncertain world. IPS has rich experience in EU projects under LLP including partnerships, TOI projects and DOI projects and under World Bank programmes.
The main tasks set by the management of IPS at UNWE are focused primarily on the organisation of training meeting practical needs of its customers, development and implementation of international projects, consulting services on educational policies and practices and elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education and training. Among the major objectives of the IPS management and staff is the improvement of the prospects of the IPS trainees on the labour market (many of which are young people under 29 years of age), thus helping to prevent and reduce youth unemployment.