“Connected for Growth: Transition to a Green Economy in Slovenia”

The reasons for making the transition to a green economy, such as population growth, the deteriorating state of the environment, and dwindling natural resources, have long been acknowledged both in Europe and around the world.

Slovenia is also taking a decisive step in this direction, in order to maintain a competitive economy and raise the quality of living environment – as well as the prosperity of people. In this process, anyone can find a unique opportunity to contribute, as reflected by the title of this publication “Connected for Growth.” The Slovenian government is implementing a structured and systematic process of linking together knowledge and fulfilling the agreement that a green economy is our long-term strategic orientation through the Framework Programme for Transition to a Green Economy (www.vlada.si/zeleno).

This orientation is in line with strategic documents of international and European organisations and the orientations of the European Union, and at the same time is a response to global and national challenges.

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