Happy 25th birthday to the EU Ecolabel!

23rd of March is a big day for EU companies and consumers! It’s been 25 years since the EU Ecolabel scheme was launched and adopted in EU law as a voluntary ecolabel award scheme. 25 years on, and the EU Ecolabel continues to help consumers lead a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle across Europe and beyond. There are 40 000 EU Ecolabel products and services currently covered by the scheme.

Look out for the 40,000 EU Ecolabel products and services! http://europa.eu/!xD76Rg

Alpine Space Meet&Match Forum

21st March 2017, Milan (Italy)

GreenB project @Alpine Space MEET & MATCH forum:Together we move mountains! in Milan.

Inspiring key notes, networking opportunities, and sessions showcasing programme and project activities stimulate the generation of new ideas and networks. The forum also features latest developments with regard to the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), synergy and ways of combining funding sources to reach the common objectives for the Alps.

Assocamerestero pubblica la presentazione del progetto GreenB

Assocamerestero pubblica la presentazione del progetto “GreenB: Green Business Management Trainings” sul proprio canale YouTube.

Lo scopo del progetto è contribuire al miglioramento della cultura imprenditoriale e dell’iniziativa dei lavoratori in supporto alla crescita sostenibile, allo sviluppo di conoscenze e competenze del settore green e all’arricchimento della formazione nel campo dell’economia sostenibile in Europa. La Camera di Commercio di Lione in qualità di leader partner è impegnata nella realizzazione di questo progetto coinvolgendo imprenditori locali interessati ad investire nel campo della green business.

Guarda il video > https://youtu.be/9uYcRR1UMSA

Perugia hosted the third project meeting

6th – 7th December 2016, Perugia (Italy)

The third Partner Meeting took place in the beautiful Villa Capitini in Perugia and has been hosted by our Italian partner TUCEP. The focus of the discussion has revolved around the development of learning and teaching materials according to final version of Green Business training curriculum, approved during stakeholders workshops conducted in all project countries.

The complete final version of Green Business training curriculum is available for review and download on this website at the dedicated page. We will be glad to receive your feedback about it!

All courses and their modules have clear objectives and expected learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competences. Each course comprises compulsory and optional basic and advanced modules. Trainees can choose their learning path according to identified level of knowledge through entrance self-assessment tests. Moodle based training modules will be piloted during 2017.

Green Infrastructure Conference 2017

17 May 2016, Ljubljana Castle

Green Infrastructure Conference 2017: More than 180 participants from more than 12 countries.

Read more at http://www.rralur.si/en/node/309

V organizaciji Regionalne razvojne agencije Ljubljanske urbane regije (RRA LUR), kot partnerice projekta TURAS in Društva krajinskih arhitektov Slovenije (DKAS) ter Oddeleka za krajinsko arhitekturo Biotehniške fakultete je 17. maja 2016 v Ljubljani, Zeleni prestolnici Evrope 2016 potekala mednarodna konferenca Zelena infrastruktura – novi izzivi načrtovanja mestne krajine.

2nd project team meeting in Ljubljana

14th April 2016, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

On 12th and 13th April, partners of Green project met in Ljubljana, at the headquarters of the CPU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. First day of the meeting began with the presentation of the findings and results of the research on the training needs assessment of managers and employees in SMEs in the field of green business development, carried out in all partners’ countries – France, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Next, partners’ discussion focused on the similarities and differences between countries with respect to areas of knowledge and skills in green business management, and they shared their ideas on the potential topics of the training. A list of modules that reflect the training needs identified was drafted. Two versions of Green Business training curricula will be prepared and presented to the key stakeholders during the validation workshops to be held in September in all project countries.

The second day of the meeting was devoted to the progress of the Dissemination strategy, the status of the on-going internal evaluation and the forthcoming tasks on project management.
The way of development of the training modules content and delivery of the training pilot tests will be discussed in detail at the next project meeting to be held in Perugia (Italy).

Kick-off meeting of the GreenB project

25th September 2015, Sofia (Bulgaria)

The GreenB project was officially launched during the kick-off meeting held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 24th and 25th September 2015, organised by the local partner ITPIO.

All partner institutions came together to exchange project details (activities, objectives and responsibilities) and discuss its implementation. This meeting was also a great occasion to get to know each other better and to plan the upcoming activities for the next months. The leaders of the relevant Intellectual Outputs presented the activities and the expected results. Specific tasks and deadlines were determined by the Project Coordinator CCIL.