Chambre de Commerce Italienne de Lyon (CCIE Lyon) is a French no-profit association of industrial and commercial enterprises, professionals and traders who wish to work actively to develop economic relationships in Europe, especially between Italy and France. Active for more than twenty years on the territory of the region Rhône-Alps, CCIE Lyon is also officially recognized by the Italian Government as an Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad and belongs to a network of over 81 Chambers in 55 countries all over the world. CCIE Lyon works on behalf of companies or Institutions in order to promote and build up business relations between France and Europe. Great part of these activities is realized in cooperation with Italian and French public Institutions, in particular with the Chambers of Commerce and the regional and local authorities (i.e. Rhône-Alps Region, Lyon Municipality, Chambre de Commerce de Lyon, as well as the Italian Embassy in Paris).
CCIE Lyon develops European and bilateral projects focused on SMEs support, as main contractor or partner, acting as facilitator for the market uptake of new businesses as well as promoting the already well-established economic relations between France and Italy. CCIE Lyon has been developing communication and promotional campaigns involving business-related main stakeholders (institutions, entrepreneurs associations, press, media-operators and communication expert, specialized operators, such as professionals and management consultants), workshops and international matchmaking events, marketing research and sectorial and feasibility studies, promotional events, seminars and press conferences, road shows and study tours, know-how exchange, consultancy in development of internationalization processes for SMEs (including creation of networks), services at thematic trade fairs throughout France and Italy, cooperation with enterprises, schools and universities in the field of vocational guidance.
These initiatives are supported by a strong set of communication and dissemination resources and tools (e.g. databases, web-platforms, website, social media, newsletter, media partnerships, press releases and articles, etc.) that will be employed for performing the dissemination, promotion and research activities/tasks foreseen by the European projects.