2nd project team meeting in Ljubljana

14th April 2016, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

On 12th and 13th April, partners of Green project met in Ljubljana, at the headquarters of the CPU Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. First day of the meeting began with the presentation of the findings and results of the research on the training needs assessment of managers and employees in SMEs in the field of green business development, carried out in all partners’ countries – France, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Next, partners’ discussion focused on the similarities and differences between countries with respect to areas of knowledge and skills in green business management, and they shared their ideas on the potential topics of the training. A list of modules that reflect the training needs identified was drafted. Two versions of Green Business training curricula will be prepared and presented to the key stakeholders during the validation workshops to be held in September in all project countries.

The second day of the meeting was devoted to the progress of the Dissemination strategy, the status of the on-going internal evaluation and the forthcoming tasks on project management.
The way of development of the training modules content and delivery of the training pilot tests will be discussed in detail at the next project meeting to be held in Perugia (Italy).