Lyon closes the European GreenB project dedicated to environmental sustainability in the business world

29th September 2017, Lyon (France)

GreenB project ended in Lyon with the international conference “Green B: On the road to eco-innovation” that took place in the splendid setting of the Palais du Commerce, supported by the European Commission and devoted to environmental sustainability in the business world.

Thank you to our local and international partners, stakeholders and participants!!

Final partners meeting in Lyon

28th September 2017, Lyon (France)

The last partner meeting took place in Lyon at Italian Chamber of Commerce’ office. The long journey of the project partners, lasted 2 years, has come to its conclusion … waiting for the upcoming final conference.

Stay tuned!

Training workshops in five countries

The main objective of GreenB project has been to plan and test a green business training module which has been develop the entrepreneurs’ and employees’ skills to make sense of the future changes in the environment.

Pilot testing of the GreenB training course was held in five countries (France, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Lithuania), organised and promoted by the local project partners. The objectives of the pilot session have been:

• To perform international pilot testing of the on-line training in each country to verify whether the training addresses the identified needs of green business entrepreneurs and employees.

• To improve the quality of the on-line training based on the feedback from the pilot testing.

60 participants and 9 trainers have expressed their opinion and perspectives on the quality of the training materials produced by the GreenB consortium.

“Connected for Growth: Transition to a Green Economy in Slovenia”

The reasons for making the transition to a green economy, such as population growth, the deteriorating state of the environment, and dwindling natural resources, have long been acknowledged both in Europe and around the world.

Slovenia is also taking a decisive step in this direction, in order to maintain a competitive economy and raise the quality of living environment – as well as the prosperity of people. In this process, anyone can find a unique opportunity to contribute, as reflected by the title of this publication “Connected for Growth.” The Slovenian government is implementing a structured and systematic process of linking together knowledge and fulfilling the agreement that a green economy is our long-term strategic orientation through the Framework Programme for Transition to a Green Economy (

This orientation is in line with strategic documents of international and European organisations and the orientations of the European Union, and at the same time is a response to global and national challenges.

Download the publication here

Sustainable awareness-raising concert in Slovenia

The NGO Planet Zemlja organised the first sustainable awareness-raising concert in Slovenia in the framework of the world movement LIVE EARTH, in which 16 musical groups and over 25 well-known personalities performed.

10 years after establishment of the NGO, yesterday they mark the memory of the event. The concert had feature a number of musicians, guests of The Dreams and EMŠO Blues Band and friends of Planet Earth who care for the earth and green living.

Watch the video >

EU food safety standards

The EU has some of the most comprehensive food safety standards in the world, and a well-established system of controls to make sure that those standards are met. But the EU is also a market that is open to world, encouraging trade with partner countries across the globe, and helping food and feed producers in other countries to meet the EU’s exacting standards is a key element. #EU_AgriFood #EU_AgriTrade
The brochure can be downloaded in English, see more at!xc49wc

Circular Change Conference 2017

11- 12 May 2017, Ljubljana and Maribor

Under the sponsorship of Slovenian Prime Minister Dr Miro Cerar, Circular Economy International Conference – impressions from 2nd day event – 500 participants, 30 speakers, 15 countries engaged.

Watch the video >

EU Green Week 2017 – Partner event in Lyon

EU Green Week is an annual occasion to discuss European environmental policy. This year’s EU Green Week, with the theme ‘Green jobs for a greener future’, offered a platform to discuss the EU’s environmental policies and how they are creating green jobs and contributing to sustainable and socially responsible economic growth. In Brussels it has been marked by the EU Green Jobs Summit, which brings together policy-makers, environmentalists and representatives of the private sector and academia. More than 100 events and actions were taking place across Europe, as well as online and in social media.

We hope you enjoyed our EU Green Week 2017 event in Lyon, “New Economy: Greening the business in Europe” organised by Ccie Lyon in collaboration with Maison de l’Europe and the Italian Cultural Institute in Lyon.

Happy 25th birthday to the EU Ecolabel!

23rd of March is a big day for EU companies and consumers! It’s been 25 years since the EU Ecolabel scheme was launched and adopted in EU law as a voluntary ecolabel award scheme. 25 years on, and the EU Ecolabel continues to help consumers lead a healthier, safer and more sustainable lifestyle across Europe and beyond. There are 40 000 EU Ecolabel products and services currently covered by the scheme.

Look out for the 40,000 EU Ecolabel products and services!!xD76Rg